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Are focus, low energy, distraction & discipline an issue for you? Are you feeling a lack of purpose, lack of vibrancy and connection?

YES? Fear not, this is the human condition. You're not broken. Stop beating yourself up expecting to be amazing. No breakthrough is going to come through more judgment. Breakthroughs will come from another level of self-love and demand... and that is how Noah Kahn's Coaching Program will help you!

It is a research-backed program for developing the energy, mindset, wealth and habits you need to conquer each day with intention, focus, and strength!

This program will help you make small changes TODAY. That creates BIG results for your life FOREVER.

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Personal Development Plans

Through unlimited personal one-on-one consultations, Noah will work closely with you to create and continually update a comprehensive plan to help you achieve and maintain maximal health, your best life, and financial freedom.

24/7 Chat with Unlimited Q&As

Access Noah, your own life and health concierge whenever you like with any questions. Noah will conveniently reply to you within 24-48 hours.


Discounts on 5,000+ Wellness Brands

Included in your subscription are discounts on leading supplement, fitness, and wellness brands as well as FREE access to the worlds premier personal growth platforms. (such as Mindvalley, Skillshare, Optimize, Masterclass, and many more)

Only $1,997 USD (regularly $2,997)

Noah Kahn Coaching Program


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Subscribe for just $1,997/month to get access to unlimited personal one-on-one consults with Noah, personalized development plans, 24/7 chat with unlimited Q&As, discounts on 5,000+ wellness brands and so much more! Cancel anytime.

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Once subscribed, you will receive questionnaires for Noah to learn all about you, your goals, and your history. From there, you will have an initial consult. Then, Noah will formulate a comprehensive plan consisting of nutrition, fitness, and wellness plans. Working with you, Noah will continuously optimize and adapt your plan, reach out for updates and hold you accountable. You can ask Noah any questions any time through the chat.

3. Grow Your Life

Living an amazing life isn’t hard. You just need a guide. Get access to Noah Kahn's Coaching Program and feel confident that your life, health, and finances will grow.

Real People. Transformational Results.

My focus is through the roof, I gained a lot of muscle and this is my first time not losing muscle in Ramadan. I’m consistently getting stronger and I rarely get sore. I no longer need Adderall because I can be productive and focus now without it. Also, my skin has gotten SO much clearer! I used to break out a lot. Noah needs to create a humble pill for me now before my ego increases more from this protocol!


It is changing me faster and more vibrantly makes me enjoy the transformation I feel every hour - day by day. It's like I finally got connected to the source who could speak to my soul. Thank you so much for the recipe and heartfelt sincere devotion you create.  Forever grateful!


My flexibility seems to have improved and my body doesn’t seem to be in pain. I have been able to implement the different exercises, food changes, and more intermittent fasting. I was surprised with the amount my body changed in as little as 6 weeks. I feel so much better today overall than I did at the start of this journey. Overall it was an awesome experience. I feel like with the help and guidance from being a part of Noah's private community I have found my way back again. I am feeling so good!!


Having a plan that works for US is such a relief, and for such a very decent price. I have already recommended my whole family and my closest friends.


It definitely takes some major courage to ask for help, especially when your whole mental state is in turmoil. Recently I ended up leaving my work which was the cause of the depression and I was on a bit of a journey to find myself.  I'm really enjoying the guidance and positive words from Noah, it's giving me hope.


Another amazing day of motivating me in a different way and showing me how the littlest thing is actually a success, not a failure. After I devour Noah's content I find myself willing to try new things and to be better than yesterday.


I have been on autopilot, lacking motivation and clarity just from being sucker punched due to COVID. I listened to one of Noah's messages this eve, and it reignited my fire and vision. I am excited again, it all makes so much sense!! Focusing on helping others, and serving at a high performance level... AWESOME! Can't wait for my next lesson!


Noah has taken the science of high performance to a new level with this contribution. It is structured in an easy to follow, logical format and sequence, and distills down the MOST important habits for you to be practicing. So if you want to make the most progress the fastest, he lays it out clearly for you to simply implement.


Noah has completely changed my outlook on how I handle my finances and my confidence in my financial stability and strength in the future. Noah and his team are incredible, and just as excited as I am about building a strong financial future for me.


Anyone CAN Become a High Performer!

High Performers are not born, anyone can become a High Performer through consistency, habit and practice!

We all want to live and maintain our full potential, to reach and sustain what is called “high performance.” Definition: high performance is “succeeding above and beyond standard norms over the long-term.”

Together, Noah will help you gain clarity, generate energy, become courageous, improve productivity, and develop your wealth. 

PLUS, you will gain access to our private Community! Come join an amazing tribe of supportive, positive, energetic, like-minded people! All who are committed to living their best life! 

Whether you want to sleep better or think faster, learn and implement all the best anti-aging and longevity tactics, enhance your productivity, eliminate digital distraction, fix your gut, reduce anxiety, train for a triathlon, obstacle course race, fitness competition or some other feat of physical performance, find your your purpose and passion, achieve clarity, get rid of depression, shed fat or gain muscle as fast as possible, figure out health issues you just haven’t been able to solve on your own, or you simply want your own personal concierge to be able to customize the most cutting-edge health, wellbeing, longevity, and biohacking protocols into your own life. This VIP program is designed to enhance your physical and mental performance at the highest level. With detailed instructions, guidance and planning from Noah Kahn, you’ll get instant access to every lifestyle, training, and nutrition technique that exists to optimize your life, and get you to your goals as safely and quickly as possible.

This program is for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and gives you everything you need for body, mind and spirit.

Total guidance: Total guidance on beginner and advanced lifestyle and psychological techniques from Noah to enhance your sleep, de-stress, increase productivity, manage depression, anxiety, and combat addictions and bad habits, along with biohacking and self-quantification techniques, including heart rate variability testing, pulse oximetry, cold thermogenesis, heat training, electromagnetic frequency protection, ketosis, smart drugs, adaptogens, magnetic therapy, blood and saliva testing, and anything else you need to maximize your results using science. Sprinkled on top with world-class financial coaching and management so you can sit back, relax, and watch your freedom grow. This is the ultimate 1-2-3 combo for exponential growth starting now. 

Biomarker analysis and testing: Complete guidance on biomarker analysis and testing of your blood lipids and cholesterol markers, inflammation, thyroid panel, nutrients, minerals, liver, kidney, performance, reproductive and metabolic hormones, along with interpretation and coaching based on testing of your gut health, food allergy, digestion, and parasitology.

Unlimited one-on-one video consults: Initial 60 minute one-on-one video or phone consult and as many as you need thereafter with Noah, followed up with unlimited daily chat and e-mail support, including voice messaging access to answer your questions and provide full support at any time.

Trusted network access: You'll have access to Noah Kahn’s extensive personal and trusted network of physicians, psychologists, health care practitioners, financial experts and healers.

Full access: Full access to Noah Kahn Coaching’s education library – instantly download anything you want from Noah’s recommended books, training, and nutrition plans.